You’ve dressed your trauma in denial for lovers who romanticize perfection in fear that they might leave if they see the real you, while ignoring everything that exists underneath your layers of pain, but i hope you know that unaddressed trauma breeds the most toxic connections.

It’s Okay not to be Okay.

“Darling you’ll spend your nights howling. You’ll grip your sheets, you’ll kick, you’ll scream. Pounding your fits against your skull, Anything to make it all go away” -He said…

Since I’ve been able to understand volume my father has been the loudest quite I’ve know, I wish I was like him at times. I allow myself to feel so much that it’s both a blessing and a curse…


“Sometimes I can only express my self in colours. Today I feel blue as cliché as that sounds; the vein in my arms are especially bold and the azure above is unbearably clear. Everything is overwhelming: my life source, the world threatening to envelope my entire being. But tommorow I’ll be Orange, not dirty Orange but the Orange of a winter sunrise. The pure beauty and ironically warmth glows on my skin and I feel like I too, am glowing. And some days I’ll feel the dull numbness of yellow. These days are the hardest, because I feel nothing is worse than feeling something. I forget that I am alive, I forget that am loved, yet I continue to exist. But that is life- I have yet the whole rainbow to feel and I must not forget that…” – B


“Becareful of the ones with tight grips, The ones who are scared to let you go, The ones who think losing you would remove the air from their lungs if you never come back. Insecurity does well to disguise itself as Love, but love doesn’t fear freedom, it grows flowers from it”.